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Our Staff

Tamara Klugman 

Founder and owner of Lavender Wellness & Massage, Tamara has over 19 years of experience and training in a variety of bodywork, energy work, and other healing modalities.


She graduated from Boston University in 1998 with her Masters in Clinical Social Work and then went on to graduate from the Palmer Institute of Massage Therapy in Salem, MA.  Tamara combines a mind-body-spirit approach to her work and her practice.


She is well-known for her incredibly personalized integrated healing treatments, as well as her amazing ability to intuit exactly what each individual body needs. A treatment from Tamara is a real treat! She is praised widely for being able to affect deep changes in each client's body and life in a single session.

Sandra Mackerron

Sandra is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.  She graduated from Cortiva Institute of massage therapy in 2016 and has enjoyed practicing her craft ever since!

Sandra loves helping people feel better in their bodies. She is naturally very nurturing, and specializes in Prenatal massage.  She is very talented in helping people find rejuvenation, renewal and relief from pain.

A treatment from Sandra is incredibly relaxing and restorative.


Amanda Denson 

Amanda has been working as a massage therapist for over a decade and has developed a wide variety of skills while in the wellness industry.

She specializes in deep tissue massage, as well as Swedish, hot stone, and sports massage. She has also studied Thai massage and holds a certification in this modality.

Amanda enjoys customizing her treatments by incorporating various techniques into her sessions. She always checks in with her clients beforehand to see if they are interested and comfortable with this. 

Amanda's work can be an intense stretch for those wanting specific, therapeutic work, and can also be gentle for those seeking a more relaxing experience.

A session with Amanda is always nurturing, as well as both impactful and deeply restorative!


Lauren Levine 

Lauren graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute (MTI) in Cambridge, MA in 2006. She has over 15 years of experience as a massage therapist.


Lauren specializes in an integrative approach to her bodywork and healing treatments. She incorporates various manual, movement, and energetic techniques in her treatments to impact a shift in the tension patterns and restrictions held in each client’s tissues.


Each session with Lauren is individually crafted from her diverse toolkit of healing modalities. Clients report deep relief and relaxation after a session with Lauren.

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Maribeth Swan 

Maribeth has been working in holistic wellness as a Flower Essence Guide and Intuitive Counselor for four years. She is adept at holding sacred space, connecting with which flowers will best serve you, introducing ritual self-care, and is trauma-informed.


The gentle yet powerful vibrational medicine of Flower Essences has no contraindications and addresses the energetics of both our psychological and emotional bodies. Maribeth creates her own Mother essences or sources them from organic farms. She is honored to assist her clients’ healing journeys with life’s challenges, including anxiety, depression, chronic illness, sleep, caregiver burnout, nurturing the heart, and death, as well as traumatic loss.


Appointments with Maribeth are conducted on the phone. Clients come away from sessions feeling nurtured, having a shift in perspective, and will receive a flower essence via the USPS postal service. 

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