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Corporate Chair Massage

Are your employees hunching over their computers and working hard on projects? Are they working long hours? Do they get a chance to stretch and do self-care? Or are they complaining of headaches, backaches, and strained eyes from long hours and hard work? Imagine what will happen to the company culture and the employee morale when everyone hears the good news and signs up for a mini vacation in the middle of the work day with a mobile chair massage.


We have certified massage therapists who can ease sore muscles and soothe away those stressful aches and pains of your dedicated work staff. What do you think that will do for the productivity of your business? Our mobile chair massage will breathe life into your corporate wellness program and make any of your events unique and memorable.


An in-office massage can help relieve stress and tension while working out a few knots. We will assist in creating and instituting a calm, peaceful, and productive work environment. Rejuvenated employees will finish projects often, ahead of schedule, while work satisfaction increases very quickly, and usually, you are declared employer of the year!


Lavender Wellness and Massage will send you as competent, mobile massage therapists having professional equipment that is completely portable. You simply provide a space for us to set up. Anywhere where you can send your employee for a few minutes for a relaxing chair massage. You get to choose the time, place, and length of the massage, without interrupting the flow of your workplace.

Be the office hero and add Lavender Wellness and Massage to your corporate wellness program today!

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