Lavender Wellness and Massage Now Open Again!

April 7th, 2021

Greetings to all the Lavender Wellness and Massage Clients,
We are excited to inform you that we are now taking clients! We have made some changes and are following the CDC guidelines and regulations for massage to keep all of you, and the Lavender Wellness staff safe and healthy.

• All Clients must wear a face mask at all times.

• There is a $10 PPE fee for each appointment that is being added to help offset the cost of PPE.

• There will be a phone call before your appointment to ask you the mandatory pre-appointment covid questions.

• When you arrive for your session there will be a few questions and an infrared non-touch temperature check.

We request if you have an upcoming appointment that you please let us know immediately if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms Sore throat, fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell. We will reschedule your appointment and due to the circumstances, the normal fee will be waived at this time.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Be Safe and Stay Healthy!

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December 6th, 2020

To All Lavender Wellness and Massage Clients,
It has been difficult to reach a decision about remaining open, amid this year’s on-going global pandemic. We, the staff at LWAM, genuinely love what we do as Healers, and we passionately desire to continue to offer our work to the world.  Considering the current situation of our world, and with the current dangers of in-person treatments during a pandemic, we have had to re-assess what our practice can offer in these times. 
Unfortunately, the covid19 case numbers have risen sharply and we have made the hard decision that at this time, we do need to stop all in-person sessions.  It is our priority to protect the whole LWAM family, staff and clients. It is with this consideration that we are pivoting our practice to a virtual and distance Mind-Body-Spirit healing practice that continues more than ever to be essential for these times. 
We at Lavender Wellness identify as healers in a variety of modalities, and we are practiced in numerous ‘healing arts’ beyond massage therapy.  We are going to continue to offer work that facilitates Healing. We recognize that this is safest in virtual form for now.  We are working to shift our practice and re-form it for these challenging times.
We have carefully assessed what kinds of work we can offer virtually while maintaining the integrity and potency Lavender Wellness has been known for. We will be bringing you a new variety of virtual offerings to help support your wellness and health, as well as aid in guiding you on your self-care journey. We look forward to working with you virtually, until we are safely able to resume seeing you again in person. Please stay Healthy, Active and Safe.
We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the pandemic in a safe way. We truly appreciate your continued patronage and support of our new Lavender Wellness paradigm! We look forward to continuing to support your health and wellness through this next chapter. You will soon be able to once again book online, for our virtual sessions and new offerings!

We wish you all a happy holiday season!
Tamara Klugman and the LWAM Staff


Friday July 3, 2020

Letter to Lavender Wellness and Massage Clients

Hello to All!!
We hope you are all safe and healthy! We have re-opened our doors!!! We are taking all the precautionary steps and using face masks on both the clients and the practitioners at all times. We are using safety glasses and gloves and changing smocks after each client. All table linens and blankets are washed with a service that has very high heat dryers every time. All surfaces are sprayed and wiped down after the ten minutes of sanitization are complete. We are calling each client the day before their appointment to ask the covid related questions every person, every time, no exceptions!! Temperatures are taken upon arrival and before entering the treatment room.

We want to let you know we are now open 7 days a week!!!!
We are introducing three new to us, Licensed, Seasoned, Intuitive, Incredible Massage Therapists to join our healing community! The hope is you are able to get in and get a session when you are in need.

Sandra chose to join Lavender Wellness this past January and many of you know her work and will be happy to know she is back on both Mondays and Fridays. Sandra specializes in helping clients feel better on every level.

Doug has been in the industry a long time and has just chosen to come on board with Lavender Wellness and be an asset for some of the more complex cases that have been waiting to be seen for months. He has extensive training and both assesses and addresses client needs extremely well.

Amanda has also been in the massage industry and has chosen to join the Lavender Wellness Community. Amanda brings with her exceptional flow and strength, combined with intuition and a variety of modalities to both meet and exceed the expectations of the clients.

We Look Forward To Seeing Each Of You Soon

Lavender Wellness and Massage Team