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About Us

Lavender is a well-known ancient and modern medicinal herb, honored as a potently beneficial healer throughout the world. Lavender Wellness & Massage Inc. was established in 2004 by Tamara Klugman, born of inspiration by the multi-faceted medicinal benefits that 'Lavender' offers.

 Over the years Tamara has honed her array of skills and built a reputation as a masterful healer, in the greater Boston area. She is highly skilled and effective in helping facilitate her patients' healing processes. Over the past two decades, Tamara has incrementally expanded Lavender Wellness & Massage Inc. Most recently has been the expansion of our staff, which now includes a handful of other top-quality skillful healers.

The highly-trained therapists at Lavender Wellness & Massage Inc. bring decades of experience in healing and relaxation through the integration of structural anatomy knowledge, neuromuscular techniques, hot stones, aromatherapy, and healing energy work. They are certified and also specialize in deep tissue, sports, and prenatal massage. As the world around us shifts rapidly, and the collective consciousness becomes more open to seeking out alternative healing treatments, we find ourselves in high demand!

Lavender Wellness & Massage Inc. will continue to slowly expand our offerings while maintaining the highest quality of professional manual therapy and healing treatment, which we have always been known for.  We are here to meet the ever-increasing need for the potent alternative healing modalities that we offer. We are also now offering virtual sessions as well as in-person treatments. 

We are located in a beautiful spacious studio in Belmont Massachusetts.

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